What Are the Elements of Good Trading Systems?

So you are looking to get into the markets or you have just started getting into the markets? So what is your opinion on how to invest? Do you like the sound of day-trading with it’s manic buying and selling or perhaps you really like the idea of buying a bargain to see it’s true value emerge later? Do you devour the words of Warren Buffet with zeal or are you more into reading tomes on Technical Analysis like Candlestick Patterns and Donchian Breakouts? Or perhaps every word I have just said is all mumbo jumbo and you just want to know what you should be buying right now?

This article is designed as an overview of the elements you need to develop a trading system that will allow you to become a successful trader, and to point out some common misconceptions and mistakes people make along the way.

OK, so which style is the best for trading? Well that really depends, there are people out there making money from short term trading and from mid-term trading and from long term trading and every increment in between. However, the thing to remember is there are far more people losing money regardless of the investing style.

So, what separates the winners from the losers? That is quite simply that the good traders are the ones that have a trading system or style with an edge and are disciplined enough to exploit it. Now just to make sure we are all on the same page, for the purposes of this article an edge is the amount you will make on each trade on average allowing for expense such as the cost of executing your trade and tax. This edge is what your trading system is built around so you need to understand exactly how your edge works to design your trading system.

However, when most people start trading they only consider the entry. I cannot remember how many times I have been asked for stock tips, but unless the person understands how much to invest, when to sell etc. this is useless information. In fact in the excellent book Trade Your Way To Financial Freedom there is a trading system that makes money based on randomly picking a stock and buying it but due to the exit criteria and position sizing, over the long term it will make money. You need to remember it is the entire trading system that gives you your edge and must describe what will happen at every point of your trade – how you enter a trade, how much you put at stake and under what conditions you exit the trade.

As an analogy lets do a comparison between a supermarket and a jeweller. Supermarkets have very low margins, usually only a few percent on each item, whereas a jeweller can have margins of 100% and more. So, if that is true how do supermarkets survive when their margins are so much smaller than those of a jeweller? You’ve guessed it, supermarkets sell many more items in the same time that the jeweller sells one.

So let us consider two trading systems, one that makes 10% per trade and the other that makes 100% per trade. Now let us assume we can make one 10% trade per day and a 100% trade every 10 days and start both trading systems with $1000. At the end of 10 days our 100% trade has taken our account to $2000, a 100% gain. However each 10% trade will make us $100 and we can do one of these each day. This means we have made 100×10=$1000, so both accounts have $2000 at the end of the 100 days?

In fact this is not the because we have the power of compounding working for us in the second example. Compounding is the ability to use your gains as part of the investment on your next trade to increase your gains. So for example if we do our first trade we now have our initial $1000 plus the gains from the first trade, which is $100, so we now have $1100. If we now use this for the next trade we will make 10% on this, which is not $100 but $110 (10% of $1100) If we keep doing this we do not end up with $2000, but actually nearer $2600…quite an improvement! This is an example of what I meant about understanding your edge – at first glance the two trading systems appear to be equal, but we now see that the second has a distinct advantage.

Now this all looks very simple, this edge thing – your percentage multiplied by the number of trades you can make, easy? Not quite, remember I mentioned that your edge was your average gain per trade. this means some will lose and others will win. So we can assume that getting a high percentage of trades ‘right’ will make a more profitable trading system than one that gets a lower percentage of trades ‘right’? As you’ve probably guessed already this is not always the case.

To ease the confusion let us consider a game with a 6 sided dice in which you and your opponent have 100 pebbles. Let’s say you are the thrower and on each throw of the dice you can bet as many or few of your pebbles as you like. On each throw the non-thrower keeps your stake, but if you roll a six they must give you 10 times your stake back. So who will usually get all the pebbles? If you are the thrower you will lose 5 out of every 6 times on average, so this must mean you will lose?

OK, you are probably already ahead of me, but let’s do a quick piece of math to test it. Let’s say you bet 1 pebble on each throw, so over 6 throws you will lose 6 pebbles, but on average you will hit one six during that time in which case the non-thrower will give you back 10 pebbles. This means that over 6 throws you will win 10-6=4 pebbles. So even with a failure rate of 5 in 6 you are a winner and the non-thrower, with a success rate of 5 out of 6, is a loser!

This is great, so we have a winning strategy for this game, bet one pebble and wait for the other guy to go bust. But wait, the market doesn’t go bust, so if we play against the market and bet more than 1 pebble at a time we will win more on each throw. Say we bet 10 pebbles and win, then we get 100 back. If we bet all 100 of our pebbles then we will get back 1000 and just imagine what you could do with 1000 pebbles…OK, not too much unless you find yourself under siege from an army of Goliaths! Where were we, yes betting all 100 pebbles – that was a dumb idea! We know that 5 times out of 6 we will lose all our pebbles and then we cannot play anymore. However if we bet just one, we aren’t making as much as we could.

So how many should we bet each time to make sure we do not go bust, but still make the best return we can? This is actually a hard question to answer and in trading system terms this is called your position size. So how about we bet 10 pebbles, this means we can make 10 bets before we go bust and since we will win one in every 6, this is fine? Well we know that if you roll a dice 6 times it is very rare you get 1,2,3,4,5,6 – in fact this is just as rare as rolling 6,6,6,6,6,6. So the chances of getting exactly one of each number in your 6 throws is very low. This means there are going to be some long runs where you do not roll a six. So it might be that most of the time you get away with betting ten pebbles, but if you roll a string of ten losses you wipe out completely.

Now let’s say you did get some winners under your belt and that you have been successful and made it up to 1000 pebbles and you are still betting 10 pebbles – this is in fact the same proportionally as betting 1 pebble when you had 100. So if we always bet 10% of our pebbles, will that work? How will that perform against betting 20% of our pebbles? See what I mean about this being hard to answer?

So your trading system is all about your edge and how it actually works right down to your position size.

There is one last component of your trading system, which is often the hardest to nail, it’s the discipline to follow through and execute your trading system. It has been shown that human beings take losses far harder than gains, in fact almost twice as badly, so if you win one and lose one you will usually feel worse than had you not done anything at all! Going back to our dice game, although we know this is a winning trading system, can you really put up with a 1 in 6 win rate? We know that sometimes you can easily roll twenty or thirty times and not see a six, but if you are trading this system, at what point do you think your trading system has stopped working and give up?

Each one of those losers is your money going down, when do you throw in the towel – after 10 losers, 20 losers, 30 losers? Of course if you understand your trading system and should therefore plough on, but it is hard to take mentally. The best traders appreciate this and admit they are human. When things go against them and make them feel bad they simply walk away for a while to recharge their batteries. They know their trading system is still there and they can come back to it. The psychological element is at least as important as the other elements in your trading system. If you construct a trading system with an edge, but one that you are not psychologically able to trade, then it is not a successful trading system for *you*

So a good trading system gives you an edge which you can exploit and understanding this edge is vital to give you the confidence to trade it, even when things are going against you. Understanding this edge means you can build your trading system, defining your entry, exit and position sizing criteria, which ensures you know what will happen at each point of each trade. These criteria will allow you to thoroughly test and optimize your trading system. Finally you should consider the psychological elements during the testing – can you execute this in the same manner as a model portfolio? For example let’s say your trading system states you need to do something everyday just before market open – can you do this reliably? If you know your trading system will regularly generate draw-downs of 33% – so a $100 000 portfolio, this means you might loose $33000 – can you mentally handle losing this amount of money?

This article may have made you go ‘oh no’ but the simple fact is that all good things need work. If you are looking to get some $97 eBook from the internet that will make you millions for doing nothing, then you are probably better off replying to those e-mails from Nigeria promising to transfer millions to your bank account.

Sure you can make large amounts of money making big bets on penny stocks, but you can also loose your money and if you have no money you are out of the game and you cannot make anymore. Warren Buffet has made himself one of the richest people in the world with an annual compound growth rate of far less than the 100%+ promised on each trade by many stock tipping newsletters.

Chasing gains with no attention to the risks will destroy your chances of making good returns as losses affect your performance far more than gains. To demonstrate, the US Stock Markets return somewhere around 10% compound growth over the long term. So let’s say you take an aggressive strategy to beat these returns. You take your initial $1000 and gain 100% in one year, then lose 50% the following year. Another person just puts their money into an index tracking fund and gets the 10% returns, who ends up with the most? A quick bit of math shows us that after the first year we made 100% of $1000, which is $1000, so we now have $2000. The second year we lose 50% of $2000, or $1000, so we have a total of $1000, we are back to where we started! Compare this with the person that just put their money into an index tracker and got the average returns from the market. They now have $1000 plus the $100 from the first year, which is $1100, then the 10% on this from the second year, which is $110, so they have $1210!

In fact if you can’t construct a good trading system of your own, you can do worse that just following this strategy as at this rate you will turn $1000 into $2593 over ten years. However, if you can design a trading system that returns 20% then you will end up with $6191 over the same period. If you can find a trading system that lets you mix it with the likes of Warren Buffet and return 30% then you will have $13785 over ten years – over 1200% gains in ten years! So as you can see a trading system that can improve your returns by even relatively small amounts will make your long term gains vastly superior.

In the often quoted words of Thomas Edison “The reason a lot of people do not recognize the opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looking like hard work.” But the hard work in building you a good what is a good trade to learn trading system will repay your efforts many times over.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business

Are you planning to start a business? From the experiences we have gathered around, there are some costly mistakes that people did when they were starting a business. In this article, we want to take you through some of the common mistakes that you should avoid when you are starting your business.

Mistake #1: Lack of a Plan

Before starting any business or putting your money into any form of business, you should take the time to come up with a business plan. This will help you know the exact goals that you will have and what you need to do so as to meet the set objectives of a business. Consult different experts and business advisors and this will make a remarkable difference in the way you launch your business. If possible, have a comprehensive plan including the marketing plan for your business.

Mistake #2: Lack of an Entity

Never start a business that is not a separate entity for you. This is essential as it will protect in case of damages to be paid. Depending on the type of business that you would wish to be involved in, find the various ways of registering your business. When you treat your business as an entity of its own, it means that you cannot be held liable for the mistakes of the business. If you are to wind up operations due to bankruptcy, your personal assets will not be liquidated to pay creditors.

Mistake #3: Lack of Enough Capital

Capital is the money the business owners will put in so as to start the business. There are certain businesses that take up a lot of capital before they can stand on their feet. You should have carried out market research and consult widely before making plans to start your business. Lack of the required capital will cause you to fail after a short while.

Mistake #4: Lack of Understanding of the Market

There are many entrepreneurs who venture into a specific business because they have an idea of the industry. For instance, you may want to start a real estate company because of the profit margins of the industry. The mistake, in this case, is failing to know the specific market that you are getting into. You may have an amazing product, generally, but the market may not be cut out for it.

Mistake #5: Lack of Human Resource

If you are starting a sole proprietorship and think that it is cheaper to do everything yourself, you will fail miserably. Part of the investment that you should consider, when thinking of a business, is the team of workers that you will have to help run your business.


It is exciting to have a business up and running. Most of the successful businesses have made some grave mistakes in their life. You do not need to repeat the same mistakes. Avoid these 5 mistakes and you will be on your way to success.

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How to Sell Your Own House – 7 Tips to Help You

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your own house. The main reason is normally the money that you’ll save by not using a Real Estate Agent. The counter-argument is the amount of extra time you need to put in, but so long as you follow a plan you can save time and of course the money. Here are seven tips to help you sell your own house:

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1. Get the right valuation for your property

How much is your property worth? This information is available online if you search for it. Search in Google using terms such as ‘real estate prices’ and adding your location or zip/postcode, you should see websites with up-to-date information on how much similar houses sold for in your area. You could also pay a Real Estate Appraiser to value your house, but this will add to your costs and they will probably value it lower than its real value.

2. Make the property look good to live in

From the first time a potential buyer catches sight of your house, to when they leave, the house should be well presented. Starting with the outside, you should make sure any garden, driveway, windows, doors, and walls look clean and neat. The inside should be inviting, warm and at least appear spacious; experiment with furniture layouts and mirrors if necessary and get rid of any clutter.

3. Get your house inspected

Be pro-active and have your house inspected before marketing it. Any conscientious buyer can ask for an inspection themselves, so they know the house is a sound buy. If you ask for an inspection first and carry out all of the inspectors’ recommendations, you will also have that peace of mind.

4. Get the attention of buyers

Marketing your house and getting the right attention from the right people is a job you’ll have to do yourself, but you’ll have more control over how it’s done. Put your property, with a picture if possible, into every local paper, free classifieds, and any other local publication you can think of. Ask shop keepers to display your ad in their window, put it on busy roads particularly at junctions or intersections. Don’t forget about the Internet either, there are plenty of free or low-cost classifieds websites, where you can select your area. And don’t forget word of mouth – tell people about it and ask them whether they know of anyone who may be interested.

5. Use bank or mortgage broker FSBO services

Banks and mortgage brokers can help you with the process of supplying interested parties with the information they need, by providing a hotline service. This service will play a recording to anyone who calls the number advertised, including the details of the house and other vital sales info, and will record their details. This will work for you 24 hours a day and save you answering the calls personally. The service can include a website that fulfills the same purpose and you receive emails with potential buyers’ details.

6. Another useful Mortgage Broker service

You can do yourself, your buyers, and your mortgage broker a favor, by recommending to your buyer to use that mortgage broker. You’ll be helping your buyer if they don’t have experience of buying, the mortgage broker has a list of people looking to buy a house, and you are supplying them with more clients and names. The broker can also give you financing options to use when marketing the house to buyers, to make the purchase even more tempting.

7. Closing the deal

When looking to close a deal on your property, always involve your lawyer/ solicitor and communicate with your buyer as much as necessary to agree on an offer and seal the deal. Follow the seven tips above and selling your own house will be far easier than you think and save you a large agent commission fee.

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Get Your House to Sell Quickly – 5 Tips to Help You Sell It

You want your house to sell quickly in any economic climate, so you get the price you want and reduce the issues and fees that come with a property that’s been on the market for too long. It’s essential that you start to view your house as if you were a potential buyer viewing it for the first time. Here are five tips to help you sell your house in the minimum amount of time:

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1. Do your sums – make sure you price the house right first time

Before any prospective house buyer comes anywhere near your house, one of the first things they will look at is the price. If you do the math before doing anything else, you will save a lot of money, time and frustration. The aim is to set your price not too high to put buyers off before they even think about viewing, but low enough to encourage viewings and get the price you want. If you set it too high you won’t attract many viewings, your house may not sell quickly and it will become harder to sell as time goes on. Even if you then drop the price, the maintenance fees and other costs will start to eat up your cash reserves. If you start too low, you will obviously lose out.

2. Before we talk interior, look at the exterior

The first thing the buyer will see is the outside of the house, it sounds obvious, but you can’t avoid the fact. You need to view your house from the most likely position any visitor will first view it from. This means that any hedges, shrubs or other foliage should be neatened up, lawns cut and so on to set a great first impression.

As you get nearer to the house, other flaws may become apparent, in paint work, brick work, weather boarding and anything else that you may not see under normal circumstances. Familiarity with your property can be the enemy here; you need to see through a first-time visitors eyes. A potential buyer will be noting these issues, at least mentally and may be concerned with the cost of rectifying them.

3. Get the smell of the place right

All visitors to your house will see and take in everything they can to make an assessment of it, they will also take in the smell of the place too. If you or others in the house keep pets or smoke, for example, you have most likely become accustomed to the overall smell. Buyers will notice the smell as soon as they enter the front door, so make the house smell clean and fresh by giving it a good airing – opening windows, using air fresheners and anything else to make the house smell fresh and inviting.

4. Let a lot of light in

One common theme in any property related television program, is light. Light in every room, particularly those used the most, can help even on the cloudiest of days.

Use a light color paint on the walls in every room you can. Try for an off-white, (absolute white looks too clinical), or light cream or light yellow/orange color. This will make rooms seem not only lighter, as the light reflects more easily from each wall, but also bigger, more spacious, warmer and more homely.

5. Give all rooms attention, especially kitchen and bathroom

Make every room clean, homely and inviting. Reduce the amount of unnecessary clutter to create a feeling of space while still helping potential buyers to visualize themselves living there. The kitchen and bathroom are perhaps the two most used rooms in the house, so give them extra attention if they need it. Dripping faucets in either of the rooms may trigger thoughts of spending money on a plumber in the buyer’s mind, as indeed will any other apparent fault. Shine up any bathroom and kitchen tiles and give the buyer confidence that they won’t have to spend extra money on cleaning the place up and fixing defects.

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Home Buying Tips For Prospective New Homeowners

Most new homeowners think of their homes as one of their most important life investments. Now, with mortgage interest rates at such low levels, more people are considering buying a home. Because a new home is such a major financial investment, it is important to make sure that you understand what to look for and what to consider when searching for a new home.

Real estate concept. businessman buying a house with hand giving ...

Below is a list of home buying tips for prospective new homeowners:

Financing a New Home: Excessively high mortgages and high-interest rates are two main reasons why many people are unable to keep up with their monthly mortgage repayments. For that reason, it is important to get a mortgage that you can afford. You have to take your income into consideration and the security of your employment. You can determine the size of a mortgage that you can afford by using an online mortgage calculator available on real estate and mortgage websites. It will give you a basic amount that fits your income but you have to consider other expenses such as legal fees, title transfer fees, taxes…etc. It is very helpful to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you start your home search. It will help narrow your search. You should also consider whether you should get a 30-year mortgage or shorter mortgage term.

Build up Your Home Needs: There is a wide range of homes with various highlights. You should determine what type of home will meet your current and future needs. For example think about the accompanying: number of rooms, number of restrooms, size of the property, single-level or two-level, size of the kitchen…etc. You ought to likewise survey your area needs, for example, schools, shopping, nearness to work, the wellbeing of the area, and protection concerns…etc. You need to ensure you have thought about all lodging choices. This will help tighten your hunt.

Real Estate Agent: Once you know your home needs and know that you can afford a home, you should enlist the services of a real estate agent. An agent will have inside knowledge about where to find a home that meets your specific needs. As well, the agent will be able to arrange viewings and will have knowledge about the community and neighborhood.

Essential Real Estate Experts: Once you have found a home you like, you should get a home inspector to inspect the home to look for any problems that could result in a huge expense and headache. As well, you should hire a lawyer with real estate experience to finalize the home sale, make sure the home sale process is smooth, and you are protected.

For potential new homeowners, buying a new home is an exciting process. However, it is important to understand this process so they do not end up with a home they cannot afford. With the right planning and experts, a home buying experience can be one of the most enjoyable times in your life and you will have peace of mind knowing you made the right home choice at a price you can afford.

Not all We Buy Houses companies are created equal. With these tips, you can choose the right one for your needs and can avoid many traps other home sellers have experienced.

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Seven Tips To Sell Your House Fast!

Offer a Competitive Price. Be sure that it’s a win-win situation for you and your buyer. A smart approach to get a value that won’t frighten away your buyers is to assess the estimation of the property. To decide the estimation of your home, you likely will need the counsel of a real estate proficient. Request that they set up a short market investigation for you, demonstrating the ongoing selling costs of practically identical properties houses to yours. You may also offer incentives to make the asking price more attractive.

Market on the Web. Use online venues to help sell your house. Ask around. Message your informal community companions in the event that they know a few locales or potential buyers on the web. 

Sell The House Yourself. You might need to look for help from an expert be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to save money on merchant expenses, at that point you could sell your house all alone. Be accessible to respond to questions and lead a short visit – however, give the planned buyers a lot of “alone time” to investigate the house. You can also search the Web for possible buyers online.

How to Sell a Home and Buy a New One (at the Same Time) | Moving.com

Condition Matters. You may want to focus on the exterior first. Recollect that the principal thing a buyer will see is the outside of the house so it is significant that you establish a decent first connection. A very much kept up home is absolutely more appealing than a house that obviously needs a lot of repairs so you’ll need that certain “wow” factor. Repaint the walls and have the floor cleaned and waxed, also make sure that all the windows are squeaky clean.

Make it Feel Warm. Think about preparing treats and offer them while demonstrating the house to buyers. Place potpourri within the key points of the house where buyers are most likely to walk in during the tour it will give the house a pleasant aroma, and people will feel at home.

Presentation is Key. Consider staging your house for possible buyers. Give it a less cluttered look to make it spacious and make people feel more at home. Experiment on different layouts to make the rooms more appealing.

Talk to an Investor. These are all great tips to sell your house fast but there’s one more way that could save you the time and hassle of trying to sell your house. Real estate speculators offer a brisk simple approach to sell your house. They will ordinarily purchase your house in as is condition so you don’t have to stress over refreshing the house or making any fixes. Furthermore, they by and large will pay money and can close rapidly on the off chance that you need them to.

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How to Loosen Rusty Nuts, Bolts & Screws

Hello there! My name is Tom, a certified master mechanic based in Redding, Pennsylvania. Today we’re going to talk about how to loosen busting nuts, bolts, and screws. The best product out on the market, in my opinion, is a product called PB blaster. Its staff is phenomenal. If you ever had something that doesn’t want to come out, the best thing you do with this is it.

Spray it on, let it sit for about 10 minutes and then work it back and forth and get it. It’ll come out fairly easy. Just spray it in on your rusty nuts, you rusty bolt, whatever. Um, let it sit for about 10 minutes. I come back to it, I’ve sprayed earlier, so to come out fairly easy. Now I just get your socket not on it and just working back and forth. If your cannabis, it gives you a hard time. Just turned in and turn it out and it should start coming pretty easy. Once that will work down inside the threads, I want you to get it out. You’re good to go. Okay. There you go. Easy way to loosen busting nuts, bolts, and screws.

How to Know if Your Car Has a Fluid Leak

Hello everyone. My name is Tom, a certified mechanic from Redding, Pennsylvania. Today we’re going to talk about how to tell if your engine has got a fluid leak. The best thing that you can do is just keep an eye on your driveway. Where do you normally park? Keep an eye out underneath the vehicle. As you move it, you start seeing spots on the ground. It’s a good indication you’ve got a leak. Another way to tell is to grab yourself a nice clean piece of cardboard. I’m going to leave the car, the engine running for quite a long time, maybe a half-hour, still put yourself a piece of cardboard underneath it, preferably in the area that you have a spot in your driveway and keep a good eye on it. You see it starting to drip. Shut your engine down, crawl up on an eighth.

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Auto Mobile Repair Service Tips

Vehicle maintenance and preventive maintenance are crucial to the efficient and smooth running of your car. As a driver or car owner, you must make sure to maintain your car regularly to prevent severe damages or faults that will result in costly repairs and undermine the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

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