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Time to re look at your energy usage

Yesterday I went on a fascinating tour, with Green Business Dorset, of Winchester University.  The Environmental and Energy Manager guided us through the energy efficiency and sustainability improvements they have made over the last few years.   Despite the campus being on challenging terrain (you really do need a decent pair of shoes!) and having a number of 1960 legacy building they had really come up with some innovative ways to ensure their buildings were either designed, refurbished, or modified to use as less energy as possible.


Even buildings designed and built 5 years ago were being modified.  Their most recent new buildings were designed with a BREEM consultant involved right at the concept stage to ensure the buildings were designed with sustainability in mind.


Of course not may businesses have the luxury of designing new premises, however there are a huge number of possibilities for improving energy efficiency, and with such technological advances many of these modifications have the magic 2 year payback.


LED lighting has improved and reduced in cost dramatically in the last year or two.  Only last month one of our clients was about to carry out an office refit.  They’d previously looked at LED lighting a few years ago and decided it was too expensive, however 2 weeks before the refit was due to start they costed out installing LEDs, and to their amazement the payback was less than two years, so they went for it!


There are so many ways to reduce your energy bill, and environmental impact, so before dismissing ideas and perceiving them as being too expensive investigate the latest technologies and speak to businesses who have had the vision and desire to improve…

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rda new website launch
RDA Consultancy celebrates 23 years in business by launching our new website

Following on from our first website which we launched in 2012, we have now invested in a completely new website in order to update the content and to make it more relevant to our current business offering. Incorporating a fresher and more intuitive approach, we appreciate that visitors will have knowledge of the various standards that they are interested in so we have provided more relevant information about our approach to customer support.

Business has been very dynamic over the past years as we have moved into new areas of project support for our customers. This has included subjects as diverse as Business Continuity, specific Environmental Legislation Compliance Auditing and Construction Products Regulations Structural Steelwork support projects.

As well as supporting these new requirements, we have gained several new clients across a range of industries including energy efficient heating and cooling systems design and manufacture, a corporate travel specialist and aerospace product manufacture.

We continue to focus on our clients based in the South West, but we also occasionally support clients further afield within the UK on a case by case basis. A key objective remains to support local businesses.

We also have a variety of customers in a range of industries that we continue to support on an ongoing basis. We have seen several of our clients grow successfully in the often challenging business environment and we are very pleased to have supported them during their successful expansion.

In order to provide our clients with the constructive support that they expect, we continue to invest in our own skills and knowledge. This varies from attending relevant industry seminars, exhibitions and meetings, enrolment in business training with the Institute of Directors, through to assisting with the presentation of lean methodology training with CQI Wessex. This enables us to ensure that we have the skills necessary to support our clients with their projects or ongoing system maintenance.

We have experienced the transition to a new version of Business Continuity Management Standard (ISO22301), having successfully completed a major project with a national service company.

The next immediate area for attention business-wise includes the revisions to two key management systems standards; ISO9001 (Quality Management) and ISO14001 (Environment Management). We are finalising our own plans for supporting our clients in the transition to these new updated versions. It is likely that both updated standards will require some effort to both introduce the changes and ensure everyone involved is briefed effectively on the revisions in preparation for external certification audit. Following on from these updates other standards are also planned for review and release over the next year (i.e. AS9100 and ISOTS16949).

The transition of certification to the new versions is likely to be phased over the next few years, though some organisations will undoubtedly be planning on making their transition earlier.

We hope that you will take some time to review our new website.

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CE Marking for Structural Steel
CE marking of Fabricated Structural Steelwork

Construction Products Regulations – 2014 (CE marking of Fabricated Structural Steelwork).

From the 1st July 2014, fabricated structural steelwork has been required to be supplied with appropriate CE marking and supported by a Declaration of Performance. Structural steel fabricators are now not permitted to fabricate and supply any construction products without a FPC Cert for BS EN 1090-1 (the recognised standard that defines the controls necessary depending on the scope of product supplied), as changing the product by welding and associated process they effectively become the manufacturer for the final supplied structure or the kit.

The basic requirements are:

  • To have purchasing processes in place to ensure you source only CE marked sections, bolts and welding consumables
  • Implement a Factory Production Control system (including methods to control of materials including traceability to supply source, the implementation of recognised welder certification etc.)
  • Where welding is involved, a Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) is needed with the appointment of a Responsible Welding Coordinator (a recognised experienced employee to monitor the daily fabrication operations)

Your WQMS will need to cover you for the Execution Class required for your business (based on the type of structural steelwork supplied). Once the above is in place the Company will need to become certified by a notified body via external audit to enable the CE marking to be implemented for customers, this can take several months to achieve. The scheme is to be monitored by Trading Standards, but other parties including prime contractors, planning offices and insurance companies are also likely to become more aware of these legal requirements from July this year.

We have been working with several fabrication companies to implement their Factory Production Control systems and are available to assist with your requirements.

If you are interested and are based within Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire or Hampshire, please contact us by either calling our office on 0845 056 3452 or emailing us at

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ISO 14001 Updates
ISO14001 update rises again

ISO have published their latest data on the uptake of ISO14001 and for the first time the number of certificates issued workwide has exceeded 300,000.

The UK is now 4th in the international league table for the uptake of the standard.

If you’d like to know more about ISO14001 and how it can help your business get in touch with us on 0845 056 3452 or email us at

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ISO9001 Quality
ISO9001 & 14001 certification increases

The latest ISO Survey has been published and shows further growth of both ISO9001 and ISO14001, in the UK and also globally.

By the end of 2012 44,670 current UKAS accredited ISO9001 certificates and 15,884 UKAS accredited ISO14001 certificates had been awarded.

If you still don’t have certification you may be missing out on significant business opportunities.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your business forward.

We are based in both Dorset and Somerset.

Unlike some other consultancies we do not deply sales teams.  We believe it is essential that you are comfortable with the person you will be working closely with, so the person you will meet will be the person carrying out the work.  We are all owners of the business too, so have a vested interest in delivering a top quality and professional service.

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